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Bury My Bones

Bury My Bones All you need to do to play is click, and you need to do to win is drop the skeleton into its grave. Easier said than done when this cemetery was apparently built by Rube Goldberg, with switches, planks, ramps, bouncing boards, and much, much more. Your score is determined by how quickly you solve the stage, but don't worry... the number's strictly for bragging rights. Bury My Bones is in concept a relatively simple game, but the sheer amount of elements used to get your bony buddy around the stage help keep things fresh. There are fans, punching gloves, plows, and more, and each level is constructed in a unique way.

The problem is, it can occasionally feel like the physics are fickle beasts indeed, and other annoyances, like the way vehicles don't stop immediately when you click them, mar what is otherwise a pleasantly creative and goofy experience. The amount of pixel-perfect precision it feels like you need to have in some cases borders on the unreasonable, and it's disappointing since the game is otherwise really clever and entertaining. Bury My Bones has a lot going for it and is well worth a play if you're a patient fan of the genre, with its charm, creativity, and ghoulish sense of fun... just don't expect it to be very forgiving.

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