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Ninja Spirit

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Help Ben10 fight the evil ninjas! Pull levers to open doors. You can use ladders and ropes to climb up or down. Be careful not to touch any sharp pins! Flags are very useful, because you can use them to activate 'respawn' points. Have fun playing this Ben10 fighting game!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move around. Press X to attack and Z to defend yourself. Use the spacebar to jump. If, while jumping, you press the spacebar again, you'll jump even higher. Press the up arrow to climb against or on top of something. By holding the left or right arrows, you'll roll your way through hostile attacks. Press the up arrow + Z to throw your opponents into the air. Press the down arrow + Z to attack your opponents from the air. When you're standing on the ground, you can use the same key combination to attack your opponent with a kind of 'whirlwind attack'. If you combine the down/up arrows and right arrow with Z, you'll blow your enemies away. Press Z 4 times to attack your enemies with a long series of dashes.

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