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Cubis Creatures

Cubis Creatures isn’t your average match-three. For one, it’s got a great theme with colorful graphics and adorable monsters, and it’s also done in 3-D, so blocks can be added from the bottom, the side, and sometimes underneath.

As the story goes, the creatures in Cubis Creatures have been placed under a magic spell, and only matching cubes can wake them up again. Gameplay, as in most match-three titles, consists of matching like colored blocks to clear them from the board, which is an adorable sleeping creature. The controls are well done and simple to use. You can drop blocks on the side or the bottom of the cube-shaped board in order to make matches, and moving blocks is done by dragging them with a finger. There will be a highlighted path to show you where a block will land, and you can launch them to make matches with a tap.

Cubes can be stacked both vertically and horizontally, and there will be specially shaped cubes that will act as wedges or change the color of blocks, so you must figure out the best strategy to use in each level. As the game progresses, you’ll also get metal blocks that can’t be moved, and lasers to destroy them. In each level you will need to make a specific number of matches, within a set amount of time, to move on. This means levels can be tricky to complete, so there’s always a challenge. There are also star blocks, which must be destroyed if you want to get all three stars and earn achievements. There’s a block counter and a timer on the left of the screen, so you’re able to keep an eye on your progress. Levels are cleverly done and you’ll find a wide variety of cube arrangements. Sometimes, you’ll only be given one or two types of blocks to finish a level, and you can expect all levels to be unique and dynamic.

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